Findings – “Plunge”, Ben Readman

The users were happiest with the relationship between the sample sounds and the art for this painting. However, this did not reflect their views on the soundscapes that they created, as they did not necessarily feel that they created audio that suited their feelings towards the painting. This indicated that although people would be likely to choose an audio sample that they felt related to the painting, this did not necessarily mean that their soundscapes would exactly turn out what they wanted to portray in their audio.The audio pieces themselves did not have any resemblance with each other in
particular, which resembles the feedback users gave about the paintings, i.e. they differed in audio and they differed in verbal explanations for the piece. The common research ground here was that most of the users did not feel that their soundscape suited the
painting and that they all had mainly different feelings towards the painting.
All of the user soundscapes for “Plunge” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

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