Findings – “Tree”, Susan McEvoy

In two particular soundscapes for “Tree”, the users who created them stated that they felt the sounds were perfect for the painting, and both felt the same about the relationship between their soundscape and the painting, that it suited the painting. They also both had similar feelings toward the painting, making reference to nature and forestry. However, their resulting audio pieces were very different, and both audio pieces were created using different techniques. One went for a rhythm while the other ignored this and chose a sensory arrangement.What was more unusual about this was that the user who did not choose the rhythm option is a DJ, yet every other DJ who used the project went for rhythm in their soundscape, thus breaking a trend that applied across all paintings. The other user who created it using the rhythm is not a DJ.
All of the user soundscapes for “Tree” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

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