Findings – “Mottled Blue”, Sean Cotter

There were no similarities with how users felt about the painting and it’s relationship to the soundscape they created. Some reflected that they created an audio piece that did not resemble the art while others felt that it did to a certain extent. The second noticeable point was that we got a mixture of occupation types or creative interests for this painting, there were no trends in this either. The descriptions that people gave towards their feelings for the painting were also completely different for this painting.When we examined the audio soundscapes that the users had created, it showed us that there were no similarities in the audio pieces either; some created busy audio pieces, other created less busy ones, some attempted to induce rhythm, others didn’t. Even the tempo’s for the piece differed extensively, from as slow as 40bpm to 129.76bpm.All of the users created a soundscape slower than 140bpm, the default tempo when starting a new soundscape. This indicated that each of the users made a conscious decision to turn the tempo down during their audio production stage.
All of the user soundscapes for “Mottled Blue” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

Findings – “Doorway”, Eoin Mac Lochlainn

The artist who created this painting (Eoin MacLochlainn) was among the users who created a soundscape for this painting. The artist used a different way to describe the painting, he describes the painting as “homeless in the city”, with nobody else making similar references. The audio soundscape he created was completely different to all other soundscapes created. This would back-up Lui Chun Hau’s comment:“Artistic creation is not mere decoration. The artist has to convey his inspiration to others while allowing them freedom and interpretation”.We also examined two audio pieces where the users descriptions of the painting both included references to “hope” and “fear”. Both these users were of similar age but had completely different occupations and creative interests. Their resulting audio was not similar; one opted for a fast-tempo, minimal soundscape, while the other opted for a medium-tempo, sonically busy audio piece, which made hints towards rhythm being present.
All of the user soundscapes for “Doorway” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

Findings – “B3”, Erin Treacy

Of the “B3” soundscapes, one in particular was significantly different from all the others. Upon examination of the creator’s feelings towards the painting, we found them to be very different from the others aswell. This user described the painting as showing signs of “disturbance and nausea” with the others quoting upbeat emotions. This audio piece also used a very fast tempo whilst other soundscapes used a mid-range tempoTwo of the other soundscapes used very similar low-end sound patterns to create rhythm. They both described the painting as showing energy. Rhythm and energy are closely related within audio production. This may indicate a particular trend in rhythm and energy patterns.
All of the user soundscapes for “B3” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

Findings – “Abstract in Calder Pink”, Diana Muller

Five of the soundscapes made to coincide with “Abstract in Calder Pink” used similar production & arrangement techniques. Each of there five users had different occupations, with both users feeling their soundscapes representing their feelings towards the painting 80%. However, each of there users worded their expressions of the painting in different ways.

In contrast, two seperate users described their feelings towards the painting in extremely similar ways. They both felt their soundscape represented their feelings towards the painting 80%. The two audio soundscapes turned out to be completely different in sound. The only other differences between these users were occupation, hobbies and gender.

All of the user soundscapes for “Abstract in Calder Pink” are on our Soundcloud
and here’s 3 example soundscapes.

Fís Exhibition Invite – Come one, Come all.

This is the invite for our final exhibition for project Audiolise. The exhibition will take place from the 1st-3rd of June in PJ Carrolls building in DkIT.

This is where we will be showcasing our findings that we have gathered from our first two exhibitions and it is really throwing up some interesting feedback.

Hope to see you there!

2nd Exhibition – Done and dusted.

We had our 2nd exhibition in The Exchange Gallery in Temple Bar, Dublin last night and it was a raging success. The response and feedback was more than we expected. We would like to take this chance to thank each and every person who attended the night. We all really enjoyed the experience and got to meet alot of new and interesting people.

We are now getting into the process of compiling and analysing the data we have gathered and it is already throwing up some interesting results.

We will continue to blog and update you on our progress over the next two weeks and look out for our next documentary teaser coming soon.

To View all the photo click below.

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How to get to The Exchange Exhibition.

Follow this map from The Olympia Theatre. Simple really.