About Audiolise

What is Audiolise?

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Project Audiolise is a project that lets the user make an audio piece in accordance to the inspiration that the user has taken from viewing a piece of art. The process begins by the user immersing themselves within a particular piece of art and then interpreting their ideas and feelings of the piece into an audio soundscape.

We worked with a team of Irish artists, both emerging and established, which we  assembled during the course of the college term. We acquired hi res digital images of 8 different paintings from 8 different artists. From our simple navigational interface, the user selects an art piece and then by utilising modern technology, an Apple iPad and Apple MagicPad, the user can toogle information on the paintings and artists, zoom into different sections of the paintings and create an audio sound-scape from their interpretation of the art pieces.

This project is at its very core is a research project, exploring the possibilities, limitations and contrasting elements of interpretation. We compare the differences and similarities of sonic choices. Each user is provided with an array of different visual art pieces and the user then chooses the piece they find most visually thought provoking. They then try and convey their emotions and thoughts of their chosen piece into an audio soundscape.

All of this process is up to the user and will not in any way be influenced by team Audiolise. It is their choice on what piece to choose, their choice on how to interpret the piece and finally their choice to convey their thoughts on it into the final audio piece. The audio that is generated from the art piece will be determined by the visual aspects of the chosen piece. We assessed the visual characteristics of the art pieces, providing us with the sound gallery. In order to do this we took visual components and related them to audio components, thus picking the sounds for us in order to eliminate any perception we have with the art piece.

We then took all the finished pieces and analysed them to see the similarities and differences between all the pieces. We looked at how people who chose the same art piece portrayed it in contrasting and similar ways. This gave us interesting information on where and how people gather their inspiration from. It showed us any trends in the interpretation of the piece.We presented our finished outcomes and statistics at the Fís exhibition on the 1st June.



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